Our Clinical Trial
What do you think of when you hear “Clinical trials”?  Perhaps, like many people, the image that comes to mind is much like this clip from “The Bride of Frankenstein”……… A castle, lightning and some sort of weird experiment presided over by a crazed doctor or two.  .......I’d like to share some of what we’ve experienced since we became a part of a Clinical Trial .......

After 3 1/2 years in the Clinical Trial, the trial was ended.  The media said it was "Not Successful."
Almost back to square one??  No.  Imagine there are no Interstate highways and you have to drive from L.A. to Boston ........ without a map.  Hitting a dead end or two or three or four would slow down your progress but, eventually, you'd get there..... provided you had enough money to cover the cost of gasoline, food and other expenses.  The same holds true with Alzheimer's research. It isn't cheap and every "dead end" makes it that much more expensive.   Progress is painfully slow.  But the goal is better than a shore dinner in Boston followed by an evening at "Cheers".
Please consider supporting the Alzheimer's Walk in September.   Sharon can no longer participate.  I will.  For her.   For all the other victims of this disease.  With the hope that someday soon we'll see a world without Alzheimer’s.
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   A Participant’s Perspective          



Are Clinical Trials for you?  I hope so.  But only YOU can say.  If you are a “curse the darkness” kind of person --- maybe not.  But if you would rather confront the disease head-on, to light one little candle --- then why not get more information and see what’s available??  Get the ball rolling.  Make that call today!!  Together, we WILL find a cure!!!

 "Death rates for other major diseases — HIV, stroke, heart disease, prostate cancer, breast cancer — are declining. Alzheimer’s is the ONLY top 10 cause of death without a way to prevent, cure or even slow its progression."

See: "Boomer Report"

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